We’ll come across the following datasets throughout the course. Some of these link to GitHub repositories that I and others have put together to help with some of the larger, more cumbersome data endeavors. Others are just direct links to the downloadable data on the CMS or NBER websites. This is a long list…the goal is not for you to all use each of these datasets in detail in this class. Rather, the goal is that you have some understanding of the available public use datasets for studying supply-side issues in U.S. healthcare. We’ll use a subset of these datasets in our exercises for each module.

  1. Medicare Advantage

  2. HCRIS

  3. Provider of Services

  4. Hospital Compare

  5. Physician Fee Schedule. See also the replication files for Dranove and Ody (2019).

  6. National Inpatient Sample, HCUP

  7. Inpatient Prospective Payment System Final Rule Files

  8. Physician Compare

  9. Provider Utilization and Payment Data

  10. Area Health Resources Files

  11. NPPES

  12. Medicare Part D

  13. Hospital Mergers

  14. Measuring Hospital Markets

  15. Hospital Service Area Files


Here’s a nice list of free econometrics resources that will be relevant for this class:

Coding and Data Management

For those of you still somewhat new to programming, here are a few nice resources.

Writing and Presenting

Academics aren’t known for their patience, and economists are probably worse than most. Learning how to write concisely and present effectively for your audience is critical. Here are some helpful links (hat tip to Christoph Kronenberg and Amanda Agan for gathering many these on their websites first)