This describes the expectations for the literature review. This is only required for 2nd year students. For 3rd year students, you’ll need to go a bit further and submit a draft paper. Details of the draft paper assignment are here. Your literature review is due no later than Friday, November 18.

Please “submit” your paper as a GitHub repository link or, if doing everything within Overleaf, as a link to your Overleaf project. The repo or Overleaf project must include a final document with your paper easily available. Be sure to include in your repository or project folder all of your supporting code files. Feel free to draft your slides in any language you want (LaTeX, PowerPoint, R Markdown, Quarto)


The literature review can be on any health economics topic of your choice, subject to my approval. There is no specific page requirement. 10 double-spaced pages might be a good target, but an efficiently-written paper could be shorter, while a student wishing to use the paper as a springboard to a dissertation may choose to write more. The paper will mostly consist of discussions of prior research, but should end with discussions of three open questions in the literature plus a proposed strategy for answering at least one of these questions. In your literature discussion, you should discuss in more detail at least 5 specific papers and broadly summarize any other relevant papers you’ve identified.


Your grade will be based on 5 items, each worth 4 points toward the final assignment grade. For each component, you’ll receive a 0 (not present), 2 (the element is there but poorly executed), or 4 (element is there and sufficiently executed). The 5 elements are listed below:

  1. Details of at least 5 specific papers
  2. General summary of other relevant research
  3. List and description of open questions in the literature
  4. Proposal for research to address an open question
  5. Organization and clarity of exposition